Complete Estate Liquidation

Full Estate Sale, Buyout, and Auction services

Fast, Professional and always ready to jump in at a moment’s notice!

If you are ready to sell it, we can help. From a single item to an entire estate, we have the knowledge you need to put the most $$ in your pocket.

We have been in the Estate Liquidation business since 1997, let our experience do the work for you!¬† You wouldn’t let a dentist fix your car, why risk letting anyone else liquidate your estate!!

We understand the difficulties that may be inherent in liquidating one’s estate, and we make every effort to assist you every step of the way. We truly respect your individual situation, your estate, and the items within it. We will treat your personal property with the utmost care. Our expertise combined with genuine sincerity and knowledge, gives you the best in estate liquidation services

Why an Estate Sale?

You may be too busy or burdened to wish to liquidate your estate. It is often easier, faster and less painful to have professionals sell your estate property than to do so yourself. Or, you may be an Executor and decide it is the best interests of the beneficiaries to use an outside agent such as ourselves to liquidate assets.

Our experience assures you that we recognize the value in your belongings. Our tried and true methods and excellent reputation translate into bringing the highest prices for your possessions.

We have a professional appraiser on staff and do not hesitate to seek the assistance of specialists in any field for items not in our extensive knowledge base.

There are no out-of-pocket expenses for you.

Our compensation comes as a percentage of gross sales. Our Commission typically averages 30%, although they could vary, depending on the size of the estate and our estimate of the labor needed to prepare the sale.


First and foremost don’t throw anything away! Remove all items that you will be keeping. Leave everything else in place. We will sort through it, you would not want to pay to throw items away that we will be able to sell.

Our Estate Liquidation Service includes:

  • Free in-home consultations and estimates
  • Research and appraisals of items such as antiques, ¬†furniture, books, fine art collectibles, china, Jewelry,¬†ephemera, etc., as well as everyday household items.
  • Evaluation, pricing, unpacking and displaying of items.
  • Advertising via fliers, newspaper ads, web sites, and e-mail to our extensive list of repeat customers.
  • Preparation, posting and removal of signs that attract and direct customers.
  • Crowd and sales control to protect your property
  • Supervision and arrangements made for pickup and/or delivery of large items.
  • Complete, reliable and time-sensitive accounting